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1The company now has three production bases, with a workshop area of totaling 0.1 million square meters, and more than 200 sets of production reaction device, with a total reaction volume of 200m3. It has built up the advanced solvent recovery system, drying plant system, low temperature and ultralow temperature compound reaction system and high-pressure hydrocracking equipment system. The main products are glycyl-L- glutamine, glycyl-L-tyrosine, mildronate, donepezil, tianeptine and intermediate of marcaine series products. Production and marketing amount increases by more than 25% on average every year during the more than 10 years since the company’s foundation. Products include acridine intermediate, food additives, new material chemicals and many kinds of fine chemical products, the export amount of which accounts for more than 50% of the sales. Among them, nearly 20 are domestic exclusive or first owned varieties. The products are exported and sold to more than 40 countries and areas.

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